Based on the vintage Snow Bros. arcade game, Bombuster is a hard-hitting casino slot game. Inspired by the classic animated cartoon series with its famous “rainbow string” theme, Bombuster features colorful rainbows lining the walls of each slot machine location. As the game’s name suggests, you shoot pellets at enemies or balloons to drop them in certain positions, otherwise they will spin around in the center of the screen. The objective is not to score as much as knocking down the maximum number of targets – hence the emphasis on “hitting” things rather than “kicking” them away!

INTRODUCTION. Powered by the cartoon’s original animation style, the Bombuster name is quite a minimalistic icon, but it definitely comes with a futuristic twist! The streamlined minimalist appearance is complemented very well by the futuristic design, which sees the trademark cluster mechanic (see here for more information on that), and of course, big, grand prizes to be won! This arcade game borrows some elements of Space Invaders and Donkey Kong, with the focus on targeting clusters of objects rather than single ones. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed game where the player must be quick on their feet to score as many points as possible.

PLAYNG MACHINES. To play the game as quickly as possible, you can tap the left or right arrow keys while playing with the keyboard or controller. In addition to the standard bombs, you can also select from a few cool-looking options like fire, ice, and bowling pins, each with their own special characteristics and effects. When selecting different bombs, you can switch between different options using the left and right arrows and shift + left or right to take a quick alternative pick.

* Standard Bomb. The standard bomb is just one of the 20 possible bombs in this game. This cluster pays mechanic focuses on the bomb’s vertical alignment, vertical drop, horizontal drop, and horizontal flight path. The bomb will always travel in a straight line until the end of the current cluster.

* Online Slot Game. If you love casino games, then you will love Bombuster. The game involves playing a slot machine game online, where you can place your bets before going to the actual casino to start playing. If you get the winning combination, you win the slot and move to another group. If you don’t, then you move to the next slot and repeat the process all over again.

Playing Bombuster is easy, yet a great time and effort for all. Its simplicity allows players to focus more on the mechanics of the game, avoiding the often unnecessary complexities of real money casino games. And because it’s free, there are plenty of opportunities to practice the game and win great prizes. It would be easy to find dozens of slots that offer Bombuster as a free download – a quick search online should turn up some results.

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