Crystal mirror

If there is any one who is looking for a free slot machine that promises a lot of money, then Crystal Mirror may be exactly what you are looking for. This is one of the newest free slot games to hit the internet and it has already earned the interest of many slot players around the world. If you are looking for something that promises big payouts with easy winning probabilities, this is one of your best options. In fact, it is being hailed as the best free slots game online right now.

Crystal Mirror takes the traditional synced reels concept to a new level by adding the mirror effect to the slots. Each of the 24 available symbols randomly drops down to position on revolving reels which appear to reflect each other. This is an ultra high volatility slot machine and the RTP rates between 97 and 98 percent. What makes this even better is that every time you win, a payout of up to two thousand dollars is taken off your total prize. This adds up to a phenomenal amount and gives the players a reason to play more than once.

The main attraction in this game lies in the fact that there are no paylines. Every time you place a bet, a symbol is randomly chosen and placed onto the reels. However, winning takes you to the wilds, where only the luckiest of players can find a set of rare crystal mirrors hidden in the wilderness. When you do locate one, you win big and if no other players found it before you, then your luck just ran out!

There are some special moves you can use while playing Crystal Mirror online. You can change the order of the symbols on the reels to cause the symbol patterns to change and thus change the outcome of the game. For example, a particular set of symbols might give you a better result when you arrange them in a certain way. This makes the game all the more interesting and exciting.

Each of the seven symbols that are randomly picked for you to place on the reels is accompanied by a code. You need to enter the code to gain access to the winning numbers. On many web sites, you can see that the winning combinations are posted on the right hand side of the slots and a small payline appears above the symbols. These small paylines are called ‘lucky pays’ and make winning even more fun.

Another wonderful aspect of this slot game is its unique method of testing your skills. When you click on the random symbols displayed on the reels, you will see a small rating that counts down from one to ten. As you start winning more bets, the rating goes up and you get to see a star, which signifies a top prize winner. To finish the game, you need to click on the winning symbol and you will be taken back to the start page.

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