Gems gone wild power reels


Gems Gone Wild is a brilliant new slot game from Just For Entertaining. This exciting new medium-voltage slot game comes with a bright outer-space theme accompanied by a visually-appealing 8-foot spinning outer-space wheel. Players are thrust into a near-future milieu in which the earth and its resources have been depleted. To make matters worse, a viciously hostile asteroid is heading our way. Only one man can save our precious planet-with his own two hands…

As you would expect, this futuristic slot game also includes an all-new, welcome bonus offer! Players who choose to go the extra mile and activate their free gems may randomly stumble upon a hidden slot machine. Once they do, the machine will give them a double-time spin to amass as much winnings as possible. If they hit the jackpot, the bonus icons will light up and a dazzling rainbow of glittering, sparkling gems will appear above their heads. Players who amass the maximum number of gems will claim the enormous jackpot.

This exciting slot game comes equipped with a randomly-generated gem assortment that uses a rainbow-colored spectrum of gemstones from bright orange to serene blue to pure white. It’s also jam-packed with symbols that are carefully arranged in various patterns. The result is that players will be given a large variety of symbols to play with, allowing them to combine and blend different symbols to come up with different color combinations. And because the symbols can be mixed and matched, it’s likely that players won’t ever run out of combination ideas for their next spin.

The reason why Gems Gone Wild Power Reels has an appealing, free-spinning slot machine that pays off triple in every spin is the way it reels. Like all free slots, it features single and double-spinning reels. However, the machine’s reels are set on a “swing” action that allows them to randomly generate and rotate numerous symbols on the screen. This makes the game more exciting and colorful, allowing players to come up with new combinations by the dozens.

One of the things that make Gems Gone Wild slot machines so popular among slot players is the way the reels randomly generate and rotate. The random nature of the symbols on the screen helps in generating varying line choices, leading to unpredictable slot results. As a result, when the player strikes on a symbol, they don’t know if they’ve just bought a jackpot or another small prize. That’s why slot players never walk away from free slots that offer them free spins with gems going wild.

As you can see, Gems Gone Wild power reels have been the top choice of slot players around the world. Its innovative and free-spinning design, plus the fact that it randomly generates symbols on its revolving reels have made it one of the most exciting slots to play. It’s also one of the best selling slots in the world because of its free-spinning and colorful graphics and features. Its colorful graphics have earned it the reputation of being the best slot reels in the world.

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