Jackpot quest


The Jackpot Quest machine is part of the latest release from Microgaming. Jackpot Quest is an all new online slot machine that gives gamers the opportunity to enter a fantasy like world and win large sums of money. If that isn’t enough for you, then maybe winning the jackpot itself will. The Jackpot Quest machine gives you an opportunity to embrace your inner Indiana Jones for a change. It may not boast a huge jackpot like the name suggests, however, you could still win up to 1,500x your initial bet.

The Jackpot Quest video slot is set in an exotic jungle setting with a huge array of animals and jungle scenery as well as a variety of movie themed sounds and images. You can use the Jackpot Quest jungle video slot machines to choose one of three different options. All three options are themed after famous movies including Jungle Jim, Fantastic Four and King Kong. You also have the option of playing a jungle themed roulette game or luck and skill themed game.

The main aim of the Jackpot Quest video slot is to give you the opportunity to win big amounts of real money without having to spend any of your own money. There are several features that make this possible, including the ability to switch between the three different game styles without spending any coins and the ability to win combinations of two or more items. You will even be able to use the jackpot quest icons to win additional jackpots and credits. The game has no inventory so you won’t need to stock up on any additional items and if you want to cash out any winnings you will be able to do that as well.

Although the Jackpot Quest game may seem like a gimmick, the truth is that it is an extremely fun and entertaining game for all ages. The one complaint that many people have about video slot gaming is that they can get bored quickly and lose all their progress when they switch between slots. With the Jackpot Quest game, this never happens as you are always playing in the same section of the video slot.

The jackpot quest slot bonus free spins feature allows you to earn additional credits by spinning your wheels on certain symbols. These symbols include the usual icons that you would find on a slot machine, including the jackpot symbol, the bonus symbol and the number symbol. If you place a symbol on the wheel that you are already using, the game will take you to that particular symbol on the wheel and give you credits for the win. You also get additional credits for successfully hitting other symbols, and these additional credits can sometimes double the amount of money that you earn. The same holds true for hitting symbols that do not appear on a wheel, although you do not get additional credits for these symbols.

Some of the other icons that are used in the Jackpot Quest video slot game include the dollar sign, the star symbol, the cross symbol, and the lightning bolt symbol. Each of these icons has a special purpose in that they are able to unlock a code that allows you to access a secret area of the Jackpot Quest video slot machines. Once you are in the “secret” area, there are literally hundreds of symbols that you can use to cash out the jackpot that you have earned, ranging from one to forty-five, and all of these symbols are color coded to help you know which symbol to cash in.

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