Zombie hoard

The Zombie Hoard is an online slot game that takes the basic concepts of the Solitaire game and cranks it up tenfold. In the Zombie Hoard game, players assume the role of a zombie trying to collect brains for some reason. The more brains you acquire, the more bonus spins you receive. In addition, there’s a nice 2x multiplier applied to each win.

In Zombie Hoard, you’ll need to alternate between reels by using the left and right arrows and by tapping certain squares on the reel bar. The zombies will constantly come to you so it’s important to focus on them with your eyes. Once you have control of the reels, it’s very important to keep them spinning by tapping the square where a particular zombie is. This will cause it to stop and allow you to collect that particular zombie. If you damage any zombies while attempting to collect them, you’ll lose all of your points and be forced to start over.

In addition, you have a limited time to collect all the brains – which are always in abundance in Zombie Hoard, so there’s no need to hurry. That said, it’s possible to collect nearly all the brains required to make your reels spin at a maximum of two per round. The “spinner” (cs apply) stops spinning once you’ve collected the required number of brains. If you fail to collect a brain during one of your rounds, Zombie Hoard resets and you lose all of your collected brains. When you visit casino, I highly recommend that you set this game up so that when you reset, Zombie Hoard will remember your progress and provide you with the necessary brains for the next round.

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